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Pasta is the kind of food that some people just can't get enough of. Take Olympic swimmers, for instance!

Most people are accustomed to having pasta served hot far more often than cold. But cold pasta salad can be an exquisitely delicious side dish with many applications.

Serve up some cold pasta salad to fill out the menu at a barbecue! Take some along on a picnic. Or bring a bucket full of cold pasta salad to the beach. Make sure to keep it on ice!

Cold pasta is so popular, there are hundreds and hundreds of different recipes to choose from. In the past, that information might have cost thousands of dollars, seeing as how it would usually be presented in book form.

Thanks to the internet, you can find the perfect cold pasta salad recipe for free, and in just a few minutes!

The time you save in your search can be used to immediately get to cooking. Especially if you've got to have some cold pasta salad right now!

Mmm, mmm... Delicious.
cold pasta salad recipes

When you find a recipe that looks like a winner, make sure to print it out for future use.

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